Offene Bindesysteme

To get awareness in an increasing differentiating world of advertising it is very important to stand out of the clutter through none standardized products. Therefore classical binding types with closed spine just like thread less binding and hardcover have been important in the past. Systems like Spiralisierung and Drahtkammbindung have only been used to manufacture calendars since those systems were not fully developed. By the end of the 80ies this situation changed mainly due to mass production. One of the big advantages of the new systems is the practical flipping behavior. In use the products stay in the same format and do not need a lot of space. Open binding systems are very often used in areas like maps, schoolbooks, table calendars, etc. Wall calendars are the most aesthetic version also showing the possibilities in size. Enclosed you can find a short technical description of the different categories. Before your product can be bonded it has to be prepared. There are two ways for preparation:

Variant 1 - Cutting & gathering of single sheets

This variant is recommended for small lot sizes, a small number of sheets, big formats or different paper weights in the inner. For this process 30 till stations +A4; 34 stations A4 till 36 x 52cm and 17 stations until 52 x 72cm

Variant 2 Processing of welted layers

This variant is recommended for higher quantities (e.g. table calendars with the same weight or brochures). We are able to produce all kinds of wire sizes and colors and a thickness until 35mm, with an daily capacity of more than 20.000 pieces.

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